(Archived post) How to Apply Spring 2019

Our Spring/ Summer 2019 funding call is now open. 

The deadline for applications is Friday 3 May 2019, 23.59 GMT. Applications will be considered at our next Meeting of Trustees (scheduled for 21 June 2019).

If you think your funding appeal fulfills our criteria (see our “About” page), we would welcome your proposal at our next meeting.

To be eligible for consideration by our Trustees, your application must follow this format:

Maximum 3 (single-side) pages of A4.

Provide information under the following headers for your application to be eligible:

  • Your Charity No. as a reference.
  • How the project fulfills the Foundation’s criteria.
  • How the proposed project is of benefit to the public.
  • How the support of the John Spedan Lewis Foundation will be acknowledged (e.g. use of logo in newsletters/ signage/ donations panels).

Please note that the headers above must be included for your application to be eligible.

As appendices, please include:

  • A detailed breakdown of costs of all items requested (please bear in mind that salary and capital building costs cannot be funded by the Foundation).
  • An updated summary of financial reporting (1-3 pages) from your charity’s annual report. [Please do not send full annual reports].
  • The Charity Commission report for your charity (under “print charity details” “print report”). [Please send the file as PDF, not HTML. Contact the Secretary if you need assistance].

Please note:

  • Salaries and capital building costs are not funded. Please contact the Secretary if you are unsure of the eligibility of your project costs.
  • If your UK charity has been awarded JSLF funds in the past, please allow three years before submitting another application.
  • All documents should be sent by email as electronic copies in MS Word or PDF format to the JSLF Secretary at jslf[at]johnlewis.co.uk.

If you have difficulties with electronic correspondence, please use our postal address: Secretary, John Spedan Lewis Foundation, Chairman’s Office, Partnership House, Carlisle Place, London SW1P 1BX. Electronic correspondence is preferred however- enabling documents to be shared easily among our Trustees and reducing our running costs and environmental impact.

PhD studentships:

The Foundation funds one PhD studentship over consecutive three-four year periods. Natural history research topics are chosen by the Trustees and invitations are sent out to research organisations with expertise in the chosen topic. The Foundation does not respond to unsolicited requests for PhD funding.